Mountain Sports

The hinterland of Imperia, the Arroscia Valley, and also the region around Finale Ligure all offer a wide range of ways to explore the mountains. Whether it be hiking or from a mountain ledge you've just ascended, the area offers something for every ability of climber, hiker and biker.

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Trekking and Hiking in Liguria

If you are interested in guided Trekking Tours.

Biking in Liguria

Whether you prefer mountain biking or cycling, Liguria is the right place for bike fans. Due to the location of the maritime Alps, our holiday homes are located in numerous villages in the mountains, which provide a twisty road and the best conditions for long bike rides. Especially in autumn and spring, they come to the mild climate of the Riviera to explore by bike.

Climbing in Liguria

There are many places in Liguria where you can go rock climbing, and the mountains in Liguria are perfect for this! We have all of the information for you.

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