Paragliding in Liguria

Paragliding in Liguria

Paragliding is a fun, exciting and relatively easy way to fly

It's a thrill, a new hobby, a way to meet like minded people and fly to places only the birds would normally see. Give it a try and you will love it! Paraglide in the mountains of Liguria, especially in Arroscia valley

A man is paragliding over the sea in Liguria

How to paraglide?

A paraglider is in essence an inflatable wing. The movement of air into the canopy inflates it and gives it its aerodynamic shape. The paraglider, which is soft and can easily be packed into a bag and carried around, is laid out on the ground at the top of the mountain on a gentle slope and facing into the wind. The pilot is connected to the paraglider with a special harness. The paraglider is then pulled gently into the wind, which causes the canopy to inflate. The pilot then takes a few brisk steps into the wind and floats gently up into the air.

Is paragliding safe?

Paragliding, like any other adventurous sport, has its associated risks and dangers. The most important pre-requisites to learning to fly safely are: pilot attitude, competent instruction and safe equipment. If these conditions are met the slow speeds and inherent stability of paragliders can provide a safe and enjoyable way to fly. Paragliding is a sport that is highly dependent on the weather, as flying is only possible in certain conditions. 

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    Paragliding in La Spezia

Paragliding in Imperia > Diano Castello

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Paragliding in Imperia > Ospedaletti

Paragliding in Imperia > Mendatica

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Paragliding in Genova > Genova (City)

Paragliding in Savona > Albisola

    Delta Club Arcobaleno
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